The Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria - Manuscript 9

Manuscript 9

"Al-Moqaddima" by Ibn As-Salah Taqi'y ed-Din Abi Amr OtmanAbdel Rahman

Introduction "Al-Moqaddima" by Ibn As-Salah Taqi'y ed-Din Abi Amr OtmanAbdel Rahman, (in 643 H = 1245 AD). 13 x 16 cm, written by Tag El Din, signed and dated in 636 H. = 1238 AD , 139 p. This copy is also known by the title (The Sciences of Hadit), but this copy is entitled "Book of identifying types of Hadit". Hadit refers to the words of the prophet. No. 1964 - D (Hadith).


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