Egypt: Links to Gift Shops

Gift Shops

Ancient Egypt Hand Made Cartouche
This site offers beautiful, custom made pendants, hand crafted by Egyptian artisans in the timeless bazaar of Khan El Kahlili.

Authentique Boutique
Authentique Boutique aims at fulfilling the needs of those who wish to lavish themselves with exquisite items and pay particular attention to quality. It offers its clients a wide selection of brand names, in accessories, watches, custom jewelry, and leather goods.

Cat Faeries Catalog Bast Products
Bast was an Egyptian cat god, and now you can buy various products including jewelry and coffee mugs with the cat's own mug.

Egyptian Enterprises Presents The Cartouche
On line purchasing of cartouches, pendants and hand painted Papyrus art.

Fairco's Gold and Diamond Connection
A seller of gold cartouches and chains.

Gouzlan USA
This company sells a variety of gold Egyptian related jewelry, including cartouches, earring, pendants, rings and more.

Marrakesh Express
This company offers pillows and rugs produced in Egypt, and has some very fine designs. They indicate that they will be expanding these lines of merchandise.

Natasha's Import Boutique
Natasha's is one of those commercial sites that is also a lot of fun. We enjoyed cruising, and she offers a number of different Egyptian products including pendants, glass and other products, along with gifts from many other origins.

Old Shop Egyptian Cartouche
Old shop offers gold cartouches and pendants.