Live Aboard Boats in Egypt and on the Red Sea and Sinai of Egypt: M/Y Royal Diving III, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

M/Y Royal Diving III (operated by AquaVision)


M/Y Royal Diving III (operated by AquaVision)


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Sharm El Sheikh


Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt






Description and Services

Experience the pleasure of exotic diving in underwater world of the Red Sea on board the safaris. This yacht is fully equipped and tailored to your taste and desire to explore the most unique and magnificent dive spots in the Red Sea. Our renowned skippers, first class chefs, assistant chefs, mechanics as well as professional crew members will be more than happy to assist and serve you during your safari


  • Cabins: 8 Luxurious cabins with private bathroom & shower with two single beds. Fully air-conditioned with individually-controlled thermostat to accommodate 16 passengers.
  • Lounge: Comfortable fully air-conditioned saloon with spacious dining area, TV, video and sound system.
  • Diving information:
    • 2 Bauer compressors "super-silent" design
    • 35 air tanks of 12 L and backup diving equipment
    • Nitrox tanks (extra)
    • Rubber boat with out-board motor (10 persons)
    • All necessary safety equipments (life jackets, rings, etc ...)

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Last Updated: May 24th, 2011