Live Aboard Boats in Egypt and on the Red Sea and Sinai of Egypt: Aquanaut I, II & III, Hurghada, Egypt

Aquanaut I, II & III (operated by Aquanaut Diving Center)


Aquanaut I, II & III (operated by Aquanaut Diving Center)


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Hurghada, Red Sea






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Description and Services

Aquanaut is introducing the Makarita, Samara, and Mysara. These boats are specially designed for liveaboard trips to the Southern and Northern Reefs of the Red Sea.


Our boats, Aquanaut I ,II & III are specially-designed for diving and leave from our private harbor to take you to the best dive sites of Hurghada. Our harbor is located in the Shedwan Hotel, so there are no transfers necessary for the Shedwan Guests who are staying there and we provide free transfers for people staying in other Hotels. Workshop & Equipment:

  • Fully equipped workshop for equipment maintenance and on-the-spot repairs.

  • 3 x 320 l. Bauer compressors.

  • 300 x 12 l. aluminum cylinders (DIN & INT).

  • Complete sets of equipment for 35 divers.

  • Kowalski underwater lamps.

  • Rinse pool and drying room.

  • Secure dive gear locker.

After a day's diving come for a drink, watch your Underwater Video, and make yourself comfortable in our Divers Bar.

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Last Updated: May 25th, 2011