Egypt: Animals of modern and ancient Egypt

Animals of Modern and Ancient Egypt

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ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) by Jane Akshar

As tourists, we climb aboard the carriages in Luxor and elsewhere not much thinking about the animals, but ACE is there for them.

Creature of the Desert, Camel By Catherine C. Harris

When many people all over the world think of Egypt, they think of the Pyramids with a graceful caravan of camels passing by them. Its easy to imagine the caravans of the traders heading into the desert. With no food or water needed for the beasts of burden, we fancy that the journey was made easier. It is a romantic dream of many people to view such a caravan. The truth is, by far, stranger than the myths that have grown up around the camel, the beast of burden which helped spread wealth around the ancient world.

The Great and Lesser Wild Cats of Egypt by Mark Hunter

Snakes of Egypt by Jimmy Dunn

Snakes were a manifestation of ancient Egyptian gods, both good and evil, and they are still here in Egypt, though mostly not seen.

The Wild Canines of Egypt by Mark Hunter

Cats and dogs have a special history in Egypt, and both were considered manifestations of gods. The principal cat goddess was Bastet, while the principal dog god was Anubis. Other canine deities included Input, who was the female counterpart of Anubis, Wepwawet, one of Egypt's oldest jackal gods, and of course, Seth, who could take on the appearance of a dog at times. Dogs and Foxes, in the family Canidae, number thirty five species worldwide, with six of these in Egypt. They differ widely in Egypt, ranging from the Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda) to the Wolf (Canis lupus).

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