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Egyptian Marketplace offers an assortment of miniature replicas of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. From statues of the gods to busts of the queens and pharaohs, you will find high quality replicas which duplicate the originals to the smallest details. Each item comes with a description card explaining its original significance. A full catalog of Egyptian products is available upon request. Mention that you found us through the Internet to your sales associate and receive 10% off your purchase.
Miniature Coffin with Mummy - #PF215 - $50.00
Polymer with gold leaf and enamel inlay
Patterned after the coffins of the pharaohs, this miniature comes complete with its own mummy, but no curse!

Golden Horus - #PF202 - $76.00
Polymer with goldleaf and enamel details on wooden base
Horus was the falcon god who was made manifest on earth through the pharaoh. He protected the king during his life and was believed to empower the pharaoh with divine qualities.

Lioness Couch - #TT109
Cow Couch - #TT116
Hippo Couch - #TT108 - $50.00 each

Polymer with gold leaf on a wooden base
These unique animal beds were found in the antechamber of King Tut's tomb. Each animal symbolized an important part of the journey the pharaoh would take in the afterlife.

Tutankhamun on Skiff - #TT101 - $150.00
Polymer with gold leaf on wooden base
Inside the tomb of King Tut were found many statues depicting the young king in every day activities. This statue depicts King Tut fishing.

Bust of Nefertiti - #PF209A - $170.00
Painted polymer
Queen Nefertiti was considered one of the most beautiful women in ancient history. Here she is depicted with tall flat-topped crown with the sacred cobra in the front and the broad neck collar which were particular to her.

Mask of King Tut - #PF5513 - $300.00 large / $60.00 small
Polymer with goldleaf and painted enamel inlay
The solid gold mask of King Tut is considered one of the greatest finds in archeological history. It is a defining symbol of the grandeur of ancient Egypt.

Large Egyptian Cats - #PF201A - #30.00
Small Egyptian Cats - #PF203A - $12.00

The cat was worshipped in the cult of Bastet. Bastet represented fertility and enjoyment. Women were known to carry small cat amulets to put themselves in Bastet's care.

David Roberts 16 Month Calendar "Egypt" - #DR9901 - $12.00
The Famous Scottish artist, David Roberts, made hundreds of paintings and drawings of the Holy Land and Egypt during his 1838 visit to the area. His wonderful paintings depict typical market scenes in Cairo as well as the monuments of ancient Egypt.

Tall Shabti Figures - #PF230 - $30.00
Small Shabti Figures - #PF217 - $22.00

These shabti figures were often found in the tombs of the pharaohs. It is believed they were used to represent the servants who would serve the king in the afterlife.

Bust of Alexander the Great - #HE1005 - $40.00
Egyptian Marketplace also offers a number of products inspired from the world of Ancient Greece such as this bust of Alexander the Great. Busts of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato are also available.

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