Egyptian Marketplace : Tomb of Tutankhamen - The Annex



Alabaster Boat

This superb piece of carved and painted alabaster may have been a centerpiece for fruit or flowers. The steerwoman is a dwarf and the prow and stern are carved with gazelle heads.


Bow-Fronted Box

Elegant bow-fronted box of red and black wood. The panel on the front has names of Tutankhamen and his queen, and lotus and papyrus plants knotted together symbolizing unification.


Clay Pots

Two clay pots used for the storage of wine. The annex had nearly 40 pottery wine jars.


The Senet Game

The ancient Egyptians were very fond of board games. The senet game can be played with 30 or 20 squares. The modern game played in Egypt today is called "Seega".


Tut Sandals

Carter recorded 93 items of footwear in the tomb. One of the most ornate is a sandal with a picture of an Asian and an African Prisoner. Each time the King took a step, he crushed his enemies.


Tut Shield

This is one of eight shields found in the annex. It depicts Tut as a guardian lion. He is guarded by the falcon-god Horus.

Wooden Chest

One of the beautiful wooden chests found in the annex.

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