Egyptian Virtual Museum : The Antechamber

Diagram of the Antechamber

Lioness Couch

The first couch with lion sides and high curling tail. The face shows the nose, eye frames and tear drops of blue glass.

Cow Couch

The second couch took the form of a cow, an image of the goddess Mehetweret "the great flood."

Ammut Couch

The third couch was of the composite goddess Ammut, the devourer (part hippopotamus, part crocodile, and part lioness). Her open mouth showing ivory teeth and a red stained tongue.

Brown Stool

Attractive white stool with concave seat and lion's-feet legs. The sides have gilded unification symbols with lotus and papyrus plants tied together.

Cedar Chair

One of the most beautiful pieces found in the antechamber. The chair is made of cedar wood. Its legs are carved like the paws of a lion. The deep-red color of the chair is emphasized by a contrasting gold-foil overlay on the winged sun-disc. The back of the chair has an open work representation of Heh, god of Eternity, kneeling and carrying the ankh symbol on one arm.


Six chariots were found in a dismantled state in the tomb. This is the first chariot made of wood and tied together by rope and leather. The mantle of the chariot is richly decorated and covered with gold.

Child's Chair

This chair is believed to have been King Tut's chair when he was a child. It is made of African ebony with ivory inlay and its side panels are overlaid with gold leaf.

Foot Rest

This three-piece footrest has a top surface which is divided in two. Each is stacked horizontally with African and Asiatic bound captives - the traditional enemies of ancient Egypt.

The Golden Throne

Truly a masterpiece of workmanship! This is an armchair of wood overlaid with sheet gold and silver and inlaid with a blend of faience and semiprecious stones. The chair has the legs of a lion, and the back of the chair is the queen anointing her husband with perfume with the rays of the sun-god, Aten, shining upon them.

Large Portable Chest

This large portable chest has retractable handles. It has a vaulted roof and has hieroglyphic inscriptions all around it.


One of the stools found in the antechamber.

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