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Mastaba of Mereruka

Mastaba of Mereruka

Mastaba of Mereruka

The Mastaba of Mereruka is the largest in Saqqara. It has 32 rooms. Mereruka was the vizier to Teti, who was pharaoh during the VI Dynasty. He was also married to Teti's daughter, Hert-watet-khet. She is buried in the mastaba as well as their son, Meriteti. The paintings on the wall in the entrance show Mereruka painting the seasons and playing a board game. The first three chambers are painted with scenes of furniture making, hunting and goldsmith working. There is a sacrificial chamber at the far end of the mastaba with six pillars. In this chamber a statue of Mereruka was found intact. Hert-watet-khet's, Mereruka's wife, rooms are on the western side of the mastaba.

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