Egypt: The Mystery

Egypt: The Mystery

Neck deep in history and steeped in the traditions of a people centuries old, the years have been, if not always entirely kind, certainly and without question fascinating for Egypt. Evolving from centuries of monarchy and a distinct theological perspective rich in folklore, modern-day Egypt is, if nothing else, a land bejeweled by its past.

That past is easily as well-versed in alleged conspiracy, as involved in the eccentricities of its ruling class, as the best mystery novel could possibly provide. As such, few cultures could provide the drama, the shrouded mysteries, the unique insight into the greater human condition as does Egyptian society. And at the epicenter of all, the discoveries of a time period which, even to this day, continue to offer up fresh acts of real human theater based on character, zealous belief, and steadfast attention to detail. Ancient Egypt is undoubtedly spellbinding, many times meticulously authenticated, and often surreal in nature.

Which, when you get right down to it, makes things all the more enjoyable for the rest of us.

Take with us then, if you will, a journey that, while not exactly a Rod Serling-induced flight of fancy, provides a little glimpse into the mystical aura of a time long since past. Marvel at some of the wild-eyed tales of misconceived glory, the frightening legends of haunting and spectre that plague some of the tombs all the way to the modern day.

Authentic? Maybe. Fantastic? Certainly. Without precedent? Undoubtedly.

As for the rest, youll have to come on in!