Nectanebo I: The Naukratis Decree

Nectanebo I: The Naukratis Decree

.......... Let be given one tenth of the gold, of the silver, of the timber, of manufactured goods, of everything coming from the Sea of the Greeks, of all the tolls paid into my treasury in the town called Hunit, as well as one tenth of the gold, of the silver , of everything which is in Pamariti, called also Krati, on the bank of the canal Anu, and credit my treasury, - the mortmain of my mother Neith for all eternity, in addition to what she had before, in order to institute [an offering of] a bull, in numbers 1, a flock of geese and of five mines of wine for the daily services.............

Sources: G. Maspero Etudes de mythologie et d'archologie gyptiennes, vol. 7
Bibliothque gyptologique, Tome XXIX

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