Zahi Hawass no longer the Minister of Antiquities

Zahi Hawass no longer the Minister of Antiquities

July 19, 2011 - The long time celebrity and Minister of Antiquities for Egypt, Zahi Hawass was let go yesterday in the cabinet reshuffle.

Zahi Hawass, known for his Indiana Jones-style hat and many TV appearances has been accused of being a thief, among other things, by the people of Egypt who demanded his removal and have been increasing pressure since Mubarak stepped down on February 11.

Hawass, who started off as an inspector in 1969 was elevated to cabinet minister in one of Mubarak's final acts as president. Through the years, his fame increased with many guest appearances on the Discovery Channel, his own reality show and fan site, and even his own clothing line. His annual income has been a big source of contention along with his decision to direct proceeds from his clothing line to the Egypt Children's Cancer Hospital run by Suzanne Mubarak.

He was escorted out of the backdoor amidst an angry crowd, yelling and threatening violence. Finding a replacement will be a difficult task as the initial replacement, receiving much criticism, refused to take the position.

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