Egypt: Egyptian heritage on the Internet

Egyptian Government News

March 25, 2001

Egyptian heritage on the Internet

A national plan is carried out now to document Egyptian heritage through using information technology to put it on the Internet.

The plan is implemented through the cooperation between the Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (CIDSC) and the Ministry of Culture represented by the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Engineer Raafat Radwan, head of the CIDSC declared that this national mission will begin with the automatic reviewing of this heritage through making data bases and put it on the Internet to get the world acquainted with the historic works of art owned by Egypt. These works are related to different ages whether Coptic, Islamic or Modern.

On the importance of putting the Egyptian heritage on the Internet, Mr. Mohamed Raouf Ismail, director of the Organization of Mediterranean Countries, which includes the 21 countries overlooking the Mediterranean, asserted that the organization pays much attention to documenting the cultural heritage of its member-states. Therefore, the organization will publish booklets and pamphlets of the monuments of every member-state.

The project includes determining the places of exhibiting these historic works of arts as well is the most suitable time for visiting them.

A teamwork is photographing now all the historic buildings of Cairo from different perspectives. Every building will have a code number along with some background information about it.

Thus, anyone anywhere in the world can get access to our monuments and thus we can promote tourism to Egypt.

Numerous web-sites were made for Egyptian monuments such as the following:

Other web-sites are now under construction for the Museum of the Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawki, the Islamic Museum, the Coptic Museum etc.