Other Egypt Travel News on April 1st, 2005

Other Egypt Travel News

The GoBus pass from on the go tours is on sale now at our offices in West Kensington and soon on our website.

No other tour operator in the UK offers a pass like this which takes in Egypts ancient wonders by air-con bus, Felucca Nile boat and by train using three different routes set at three separate prices (see below).

All route prices include airport pick-up in Cairo and your first's night accommodation in Cairo. Routes 2 and 3 include a free two-night Nile Felucca cruise with all meals on board.

GoBus pass means they can hop-off in Alexandra and stay for 10 days and from there hop back on and head to Cairo or a number of other stops, either by bus, train or Felucca boat on the Nile. Travellers are free to make and break their own itinerary in Egypt, so if you want to stay an extra week to continue your love of snorkelling in Dahab now you can.

1. Routes 1 By bus: Cairo to Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheik, then back to Cairo, with extensions from Cairo to Alexandria price: 79.

2. Route 2 By train from Cairo to Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada with extensions to Abu Simbel by bus. From Cairo to Alexandria by bus. Felucca boat from Aswan to Luxor price: 99.

Includes a free two-night Felucca cruise with all meals on board.

3. Route 3 By train: Cairo to Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada; from Cairo to Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheik and then back to Cairo, with extensions to Alexandria and Abu Simbel, leaving from Aswan price: 129. Includes a free two-night Felucca cruise with all meals on board.

Divers crave the desert too

After diving, the last thing divers want is to lie on the coast of the Red Sea, staring at the water - been there done that.

What they want, and what they can now have, is a three-day desert trek into Jordan, exploring Wadi rum by 4x4 jeep, camping in the desert and visiting the rose city of Petra.

PADI dive tours in Dahab on the go tours offers an excellent range of PADI dive packages that dont break the bank.

Along with our dive courses we offer a four-day 4x4 Wadi bashing trek in Jordan perfect if you want to feel some terra firma under your feet after the diving course.

Designed for the traveller who wants to put even more action into their holiday, Egypts coral-rich Red Sea coastal waters are the ticket.

Closer and cheaper than the Caribbean or Indian Ocean resorts, the 1930 km long body of water known as the Red Sea is a gift of nature and quite simply a divers nirvana.

Petra & Wadi rum - 299. Discover Jordan on our 4 Day Petra and Wadi Rum bolt-on. Just a stones throw across the Gulf of Aqaba by ferry, lies the coastal resort of Aqaba, the awesome Rose City of Petra with its amazing ruins and famous Treasury building and the stunning desert-scape of Wadi Rum where we enjoy a 4 x 4 desert safari and overnight at a Bedouin camp with dinner under the shade of overhanging jebels. Start - Wednesday ex Dahab.

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