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SST Newsletter I. National News Two mummies discovered in Sakkara The French mission has discovered two Pharaonic mummies during excavation operations in . The two mummies were discovered six meters beneath ground. The new discovery will help reveal more details on the Egyptian religion during the 26th dynasty and the Ptolemaic.  III. Restorations Plan to restore Esna Temple The Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA) has worked out a plan to restore which is currently in a procuring condition. The temple that lies south of Luxor is being endangered by high underground water and the low level of the Nile water in front of the temple caused by the Essna barrages. The plan which is estimated to cost some LE 70 million involves the dismantling of the temple and reinstalling it after raising the level of its floor to the level of the ground just as was the case with the in . which is dedicated to the worship of Khnum and other gods of supernatural powers is 200 meters away from the in the center of Essna city. The temple comprises a complete hypostyle hall in good condition. The western wall which is the oldest part of the hall is ornamented with inscriptions of Ptolemaic kings. The rest of the hall was inscribed in the Roman age in the period between the 1st and the 3rd centuries.     The inscriptions on the columns show a time table of the religious festivities that were held in Essna.     The temple was also in use in the Coptic era which resulted in the accumulation of black smut on the walls. News on the The, that lies, 50 kilometers from , has been subject to a thorough restoration process. The temple, which pertains to the Ptolemaic age, exists in an area surrounded in the northern side by sand dunes that keep creeping to the precincts of the temple. The entrance of the temple was reinforced to overcome the many fissures traced. An anchor was also established to facilitate the arrival of visitors via the . Kom ambo is different from other temples in being dedicated to two gods Subek and Horus. Despite the difference of the two cults they lived side by side for centuries. The temple has two sanctuaries and is divided into two parts, each dedicated to one of the two gods. The walls of the temple bear genuine inscriptions characterized by accuracy and beauty. Two ancient plaques back home The Supreme Council of Antiquities restored two ancient Egyptian plaques dating back to the Pharaonic era from Switzerland after they had been stolen from 9 temples and smuggled to Switzerland and then to France. The two plaques were brought hand to the Egyptian Cultural Counselor in . Meantime, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Dr. Zahi Hawas ordered the two plaques to be returned to the for the time being until they return to their original temple. Egyptian-Italian-American project to repair Ahmar Monastery in Sohag The Islamic-Coptic Antiquities Committee approved the implementation of a restoration program in Al Ahmar monastery, which dates back to the 16th Century, in cooperation with the Egyptian and Italian sides and the . The maintenance works of the monastery will finish by the end of this year.  VI.   Conferences  Austrian travel agencies to meet in Egypt Austrian Travel Agencies Federation agreed to hold its 44th conference in on October 23-26. According to the federation sources, the decision was made after considering several invitations received from a number of other European Union countries, adding that the decision came in light of growing demands for visiting . Tourism & Shopping Festival in  As one of the most popular & big annual events in , the Ministry of Tourism announced that tourism & Shopping Festival will take place during the period (20 July ). As usual the various activities of the festival will cover most of the governorates.  V. Museums President Hosni Mubarak inaugurated Glory of in  President Mubarak inaugurated officially Glory of Military museum in , and it is now open for the public. For further information, please visit our website at:
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