News from the Egyptian Tourist Authority on April 1st, 2003

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The Taba Tragedy October 8, 2004 Over the last almost seven years, Egypt has maintained just about a spotless record for tourist safety. This makes the tragic bombing in Taba all the worst. There are many news reports that tell what authorities know so far about the terrorist event, two of which we have provided links to in our news below this story. However, at this time, according to Egyptian authorities and the US Department of State, emergency meetings are being held, and until a thorough investigation is completed, most of the news coverage about who performed this evil deed is only speculation. However, according to both Egyptian and Israeli sources, as well as others, this does not appear to be the work of a Palestinian group or any group headquartered in Egypt. It does appear to be a well planned attack, not unlike what we would expect out of an al-Qaida group, directed specifically at Jews visiting the upper Eastern Sinai coast during an extended holiday. However, it did injure or kill those of a number of other nationalities and some reports seem to indicate that Egyptians may be the most numerous among those. Much of this attack does not make much sense to anyone. Whoever was responsible carried out the attack, fairly clearly, against the Israeli Nationals, on Egyptian soil, thus alienating both Muslims and Jews, alike. At this time, we do expect this to be an isolated incident, not, for example, unlike other al-Qaida attacks. Normally they seem to conduct a coordinated, well planned attack and then move on. Our hearts go out to the families of those killed, and to the injured and their families. We are in contact with various authorities in the US and Egypt concerning this tragedy, and will keep our readers informed of future developments. At this time, the US Department of State has not issued any travel advisories against Egypt. If they do, we shall report it as soon as possible.