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Ramses II up for a sale, a snip at 2 million  Well you could have been one of the lucky tourists made this offer recently. A farmer living in Karnak had been talking to tourists and showing them a photo of a status of Ramses II and offering to sell it. Unsurprisingly word got about and the local police were informed and using an undercover man posing as tourists they contacted the farmer. The photo showed an exceptional statue of Ramses II, in black granite, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt (upper half 65 x 30 cm).  Ramses II is arguably Egypt's most famous pharaoh and has long been known for his number of progeny and his prolific building, the temple at Abu Simbel is his best known work.  The under cover officer agreed the price of one and a half million pounds, and a date was set for the buyer to go to the farmer's house to examine the piece and during that meeting a police force broke into the house arrested the farmer and confiscated the statue.  When confronted the farmer confessed getting hold of the statue by secretly excavating and digging in the area of Alquarna in Luxor   The statue was later studied and agreed to be a priceless piece of pharaonic art, let's hope it makes its way into Luxor museum 
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