Egypt: Destinations - The Upper Nile Valley from Talla to Qena

Upper Nile Valley from South of El-Minya to Qena

Near Mallawi
Beni Hassan
Deir Abu Hennes
Hermopolis (at Ashmunein)
Speos Artemidos
Tuna el-Jebel

Near Deir Mawas
Tell el-Amarna

Near El Balyana

Outside El-Qusiya
Deir al-Muharraq

Outside Asyut
Necropolis of Asyut

Near Badari
Qaou el Kebir

Near Sohag
Deir el-Abyad (The White Monastery)
Deir Amba Bishoi (The Red Monastery)

Near Girga
Naga el-Deir Necropolis

Near Qena
Dendera (at Dendera)

Last Updated: June 12th, 2011

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