Egypt: National Parks Regulations

National Parks Regulations

Do not collect, remove or damage any material, living or dead, from Protected Areas (corals, shells, plants, etc.). Fish feeding upsets the biological balance on the reef and is therefore prohibited.
It is prohibited to drive off marked tracks and to drive any motor vehicles on any beach. Fishing and spearfishing are not allowed in Protected Areas.
Camping is prohibited unless in designated areas (by notice). All visitors must leave Protected Areas by sunset unless using a designated camping area.
Do not litter. Place garbage in proper disposal containers or take it with you. Access to diving areas is recommended at designated access points only. This reduces damage to reef areas.
It is prohibited to access any closed area. Please take note of any instructions posted in Protected Areas.
It is prohibited to walk or anchor on any reef area. Use marked access points. Offenders are subject to prosecution according to the terms of Law 102 of 1983.
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