Visitor Center The Ras Mohammed National Park visitor center

Visitor Center

The Ras Mohammed National Park visitor center, located at Marsa Ghoslane, provides visitors with information regarding park facilities, natural areas of particular interest, access to dive sites and access and conditions for the use of campsites. Visitors will find a Park Ranger on duty at the center. The Ranger is also responsible for audio-visual presentations which are projected according to schedules posted at the center and the main entrance gate.A restaurant operated by a Five Star Hotel offers simple meals and beverage and is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A footpath leading to the shore from the terrace takes the visitor to an excellent fossil coral reef aged at approximately 60,000 years BP. The complexity of these ancient reefs can be seen clearly and can be compared to modern reefs fronting the site. A snorkeling trail located at Marsa Ghoslane can be reached from the beach. Instructions are provided on the signpost marking the access point.

Other information regarding new facilities and features can be found posted on the information panel at the main gate.

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