Biography of Ahmose Pen-nekhbet

Biography of Ahmose Pen-Nekhbet

Hereditary prince, count, wearer of the royal seal, chief treasurer, herald [of his Lord, ....], Ahmose, called Pen-Nekhbet, triumphant; he says: "I followed King Nebpehtire, triumphant. I captured for him in Zahi a living prisoner and a hand."

............ Ahmose, called Pen-Nekhbet; he says: "By the sovereign, who lives forever! I was not separated from the king upon the battlefield, from (the time of) King Nebpehtire, triumphant, to King Okhepernere, triumphant; I was in favor of the king's presence, until King Menkheperre, living forever.

King Zeserkere, triumphant, gave to me, of gold: two bracelets, two necklaces, an armlet, a dagger, a headdress, a fan, and a mekhtebet.

King Okheperkere, triumphant, gave to me of gold: two bracelets, four necklaces, one armlet, six flies, three lions, two golden axes.

King Okhepernere, triumphant, gave to me of gold: three bracelets, six necklaces, three armlets, a mekhtebet, a silver axe.

He says: "I followed the kings of Upper and Lower Egypt, the gods; I was with their majesties when they went to the South and North country, in every place where they went; [from] King Nebpehtire, triumphant, King Zeserkere, [triumphant], King Okheperkere, triumphant, King Okhepernere, triumphant, until this Good God, King Menkheperre who is given life forever.

I attained a good old age, having had a life of royal favor, having had honor under their majesties and the love of me having been in court."

I followed King Zeserkere, triumphant; I captured for him in Kush a living prisoner.

Again I served King Zeserkere, triumphant; I captured for him on the north of Imukehek, three hands.

I followed the King Okheperkere, triumphant; I captured for him in Kush, two living prisoners, beside three living prisoners, whom I brought off in Kush, without counting them.

Again I served for King Okheperkere, triumphant; I captured for him in the country of Naharin, 21 hands, one horse, and one chariot.

I followed King Okhepernere, triumphant; there were brought off for me in Shasu very many living prisoners; I did not count them.

The divine consort, the Great King's Wife, Makere, triumphant, repeated honors to me. I reared her eldest daughter, the Royal Daughter, Nefrure, triumphant, while she was a child upon the breast .........

Sources: James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part Two, 20ff; 41f, 84f; 124; 344

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