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Unfinished Pyramid

Up until quite recently Egyptologists believed that both the subterranean chamber and the Queen's chamber of the Great pyramid had been abandoned in favour of the King's chamber, higher up. A slight variation to this might be that the subterranean chamber was abandoned for the Queen's chamber. Of course there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that any of the chambers were abandoned in favour of any other chamber, in fact all three chambers are unfinished, and the King's chamber in particular houses an unfinished coffer.

Could it have something to do with the untimely death of Khufu ? Did interior construction cease at the time of his death or was it scaled down in preference of the exterior being completed as the inevitable approached ? Perhaps, towards the end, there was a shortage of master masons entrusted to work on the fine details of the chambers.

There is a whole series of questions to be answered about the unfinished interior of the Great pyramid, the death of Khufu, the unfinished coffer and the apparent premature closing of the huge door on the pyramid's outer face.

Subterranean chamber : the most difficult to reach, the less finished of the three chambers.

Queens chamber : much more work has been done , but the passageway is only half completed and the chamber floor is in need of paving. floor level ref floor ref

King's chamber : the floor is unfinished and the coffer has been left in the rough.

floor ref floor illustration coffer ref coffer illustration

Descending passageway :

Ascending passageway :

The passageways of the pyramid are much more difficult to agree on but when we compare their overall quality to those of the trial site the experimental efforts are found to be superior. All of the inconsistencies found in the pyramid passageways appear to relate to unfinished work.

trial site ref pyramid ref

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