Egypt: Press Release - Cabinet of the Minister

Press Release

Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Tourism

Cabinet of the Minister

September 18, 1997

The ministry of Interior has issued the attached communique concerning the events at a bus carrying some tourists in the afternoon of Thursday, September 18, 1997.

According to this preliminary communique the assessment of the situation leads to the following conclusion:

The accident can not be considered as a planned terrorist attack aiming tourists (sic) since the criminal is a mentally disturbed and has escaped on September 15th, 1997 from a hospital of mental and nervous system diseases. The second accused is his brother. Consequently, it is a random act from a mentally disturbed person that could happen anytime anywhere. Hence, the accident was not targeting tourism.

What strenghthens this conclusion is that the weapons used are primitive ones which are not used by planned terrorism groups since it is just an empty mineral water bottle filled with benzine and kerosine.

  • Terrorist attacks against tourists have stopped long time ago due to the attitude of the Egyptian people who reject terrorism and violence and lean toward moderation and peace, and due to the coordinated efforts between the Egyptian Society and the Egyptian authorities to uproot terrorism.
  • Immediate contacts on a large scale were made with international tour operators and world media representatives abroad to clarify these facts in this initial stage of the investigation.