Egypt: Press Release - International Nile Festival

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

An International Nile Festival to Enrich Egypt's Tourist Agenda

May 14, 1997

One of the commemorated annual festivities of Egypt is "Wafaa El Nil" or "Fidelity of the Nile". Wafaa El Nil is a festivity reflecting the rituals of the Pharaonic legend of how ancient Egyptians venerated and cherished the Nile, being a symbol of life. From an ancient legend to an ongoing tradition, Egyptians have always been keen to celebrate this festivity every year.

In 1997, the Ministry of Tourism decided to hold a different celebration by adding an international flavor to the traditional Egyptian rituals. Several European and Arab countries will contribute to this year's celebration in which the following events are taking place:

Aqua sports such as rowing, water skiing, windsurfing & swimming.

Pharaonic processions portraying the ancient legend of the Nile Festival.

Performances of various international folkloric troops of the participating countries.

Flower parades.

The celebration will take place at various floating hotels, restaurants and other establishments overlooking the Nile. Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Dr. Mamdouh El Beltagui asserted that such festivities help promote Egypt's tourist agenda and that the importance of this special festivity lies in its concept, where water protection is a vital source for a healthy environment indispensable to the promotion of Egypt's eco-tourism.