Egypt: Sinai's Archaeological Treasures in a National Museum

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

Display of Sinai's Archaeological Treasures in a National Museum 1997: Sinai's Year

May 20, 1997

A National Museum is currently being built in El Arish, Northern Sinai. An allotment of $3.5 Million was approved to build this project featuring 3,000 archaeological pieces restored from Israel as well as other antiquities discovered in Southern and Northern Sinai.

The Museum will be located on Horus Military Road (Road of Kings), which extends from Qantara Sharq to Rafah. A panorama will portray scenes depicting different archaeological treasures & history of ancient forts, commercial dealings of Egypt with neighboring countries as well as annals of those great Pharaohs who used the road such as Ahmus, Tuthmosis, Ramses II, Seti I.

El Arish National Museum, together with two other museums (Sinai's Environmental Heritage Museum & Military History Museum) will enrich historical tourism, where tourists can enjoy an exciting cultural drive all the way to Cairo and vice versa.