News 3 14/2/2011


Jordan support travelling to Egypt
Jordanian travel agencies began promotional campaigns to support travelling to Egypt. After stabilizing the situation in Egypt.

They are optimistic about the return of joint tourist programs between Jordan and Egypt, gradually in conjunction with the return of stability of the Egyptian street.

Austrian tour operators are preparing to resume the flights back to Egypt

The Austrian tour operators announced they are willing to start resuming the flights back to Egypt, after they stopped over the past two weeks.

They will start to organize charter flights to tourist destinations located on the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea cities like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh & also Luxor & Aswan.

Hurghada Airport receives 19 flights carrying 1900 tourists
Hurghada International Airport has received today about 19 flights from Europe & East Asia with about 1900 tourists from different nationalities, most of them are from Britain .
The flights start returning to the regular again after the return of stability and calm.

The Russian Federation of Tourism representative " Sergei Teodovorich " visit to Hurghada
An official from the Russian Federation of Tourism, Sergei Teodovorich visits Hurghada currently checking the Russian residents & tourists .
Mr. Teodovorich said that the situation in Hurghada is quite & calm & everything is going smoothly & that the Russian tourists are enjoining their vacations specially in Hurghada as there were no problems at all even in the past days. Taking in consideration that most of the Russian tourists refused to leave the Country even during the revolution as they insisted to enjoy their moments especially that Hurghada & Sharm EL Sheikh haven't been affected with this revolt.