News 16/2/2011


A Dutch trade delegation visit to Hurghada
The Dutch charter airlines company Transavia made a visit checking the situation in Hurghada in the 15th of Feb 2011 that included about 30 people as representatives from the biggest Dutch tour operator companies & travel agencies in addition to representative from the ANVR The Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators and the travel Insurance Company SGR & some representatives from Media.

The Dutch delegation make a full check in Hurghada & found that everything is going fine & smoothly & they appraised the security & safety inside the city & said that everything is going well .

Regularity of flights starting to get back to Cairo International Airport:
The Cairo International Airport received yesterday more than 189 flight from different countries. That proves that the regularity of the flights is getting back by time & shortly will we will regain full regularity.

Germany lifted its advisory against travelling to Egypt
German Foreign affairs announced the lifting of the advisory against travelling to Egypt taking in consideration that the Egyptian white revolution doesnt have anything against tourism & that the Tahrir square now is one of the most famous squares around the world.