Egypt: Press Release - Verdis Aida

Verdis Aida is Back to Egypt

Next October

In an exquisite setting at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Luxor, Opera Aida will be performed again on October 12, 1997 for a period of eight days.

This magnificent cultural event coincides with Egypts celebration of the 125th anniversary of Aidas first performance in Cairo and the 75th anniversary of the discovery of king Tutankhamuns majestic tomb.

Upon the instructions of Prime Minister Dr. Kamal El Ganzoury, a supreme committee, headed by the Minister of Culture, has been formed with partnership of the Ministries of Tourism, Internal Affairs, Information, Economy, Finance, Health and Home Administration to follow up necessary procedures for Aidas performances.

Directed by Atellio Colonello, some of the greatest Opera singers will share the grandeur of the event featuring:

Aida: Wilhelmina Fernandez
Radames: Giusseppe Giaccomini
Amneris: Bruna Baglioni

Also the Cairo ballet and Symphony Orchestra as well as joint Egyptian-Foreign chorus will join the glorious performances of the everlasting Opera.

Measures are being taken for worldwide marketing particularly that Aida will be accompanied this year by an exhibition of King Tuts famous tomb. International and Egyptian tour operators and travel agents are starting to work out a plan for an early marketing effort for this outstanding event.