Egypt: Press Release - Scientific Findings in the Tomb of Ramses' Sons

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

New Archaeological & Scientific Findings in the Tomb of Ramses' Sons

October 29, 1997

An American archaeological mission headed by Prof. Kent Weeks discovered 46 new chambers in what is believed to be the Tomb of Ramses II's sons in the Valley of the Kings last week. Currently the number of chambers has reached 108, of which 60 were discovered in 1995. The 108 chambers were found in 68 passages.

The discovered chambers were used for storage of funerary equipment, although it is believed that the tomb was not for burial purposes. It is rather more of a "symbolic" one to keep under contact with the god Osiris. An evidence confirming such interpretation is the existence of a huge statue of Osiris in the tomb, in addition to the location of other tombs of Ramses sons in other places, such as that of Khaa-Am-Wasi in Sakkara. This is considered to be a specially important discovery in one of the largest tombs and is expected to uncover further scientific secrets.