Egypt: Press Release - Inaugurating the Nubia Museum

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

November 14, 1997

International Celebration on the Occasion of Inaugurating the Nubia Museum

The Nubia Museum will be inaugurated on November 23, 1997 by H.E. President Hosni Mubarak and Mrs. Susan Mubarak.

The land of Nubia dating back to the first century A.D. is considered one of Egypt's most beautiful spots. The idea of building a Nubia Museum was thus important, to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Nubia which has always been a vital part of Egypt's history.

The 70 million L.E. museum will house a collection of 2,000 pieces discovered in Nubia during the excavation works which took place before building the High Dam. Also about 3,000 other pieces from the Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic Museums will also be displayed.

The 3-story building is divided into 17 exhibition halls, featuring a main exhibition hall, diorama, open-air stage restoration labs, workshops, antiquities stores, administrative offices, library, cafeteria, photography rooms and students' educational activities section.

The collection of the museum will represent 5 main phases of the development of Nubian heritage. These phases are the Nubian heritage, chronological history of the area, ethnology of Nubia inhabitants, culture and archaeological pieces.

The museum will be equipped with the latest devices, including monitors, metal gates, central air-conditioning, etc. Admission to the museum will be free during the first month after which it will be 20 L.E. equivalent to US $6.00. The celebrations accompanying the inauguration which will be attended by high dignitaries, excavation groups and UNESCO representatives, including cultural and artistic performances by Nubian folklore groups.