Egypt: Restoring King Chepren's Funerary Temple

Press Release

Egypts Minister of Tourism


January 27, 1998

Restoring King Chepren's Funerary Temple

A restoration project in the Giza Plateau will begin in February. The project includes restoration of Chepren's Pyramidah group and its leading passage as well as the Sphinx temple and Queen Khent Kau's tomb; dating back to the Fourth Dynasty. The ruined temple will be reassembled and the leading passage will be connected to the temple complex. Research and drawings made by the German archaeologist Rika in 1997 indicate that the temple has special solar features, including an eastern chamber for sunset and a colonnade of 24 pillars representing day and night.

Lighting Up of Sites in Siwa

Several tourist sites and roads in the Siwa Oasis will be lit, including Amun's Temple, the Prophecy Temple, Alexander the Great's Coronation Hall, the ruins of "Shally" City and the Mountain of the Dead.

Saving a Famous Temple in El Wadi el Gadid

The unique Hapis Temple in Kharga Oasis in El Wadi el Gadid has to be moved 500 miles north of its original site because of ground water that is believed to be affecting the wooded scaffolding. The Hapis Temple is the only temple remaining from the Persian