Egypt: Press Release - Improvements of Airport facilities

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

Improvements of Airport Facilities in Egypt

April 29, 1997

In response to the Ministry of Tourism's constant efforts to enhance tourist services, and to overcome the bottlenecks at some Egyptian airports resulting from the ever increasing tourist arrivals, the Civil Aviation Authority in Egypt adopted an urgent plan to improve Hurghada Airport for which it has allocated 6 Million Pounds (US $1.8 approx.)

The upgrading plan includes the expansion of the halls and parking areas, in addition to assigning the "International Passengers Building" to serve charter flights. The period of the expansion work is due to be completed within 6 months. Another long term plan will provide enough funds to establish a new passengers building to correspond with the increasing tourist movement to the area.

This intensive plan comes within the framework of coordination between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in order to facilitate the tourist flow to Egypt through its various outlets.