Egypt: Press Release - Temple of Amenhoteb III in Luxor

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism

Inauguration of the Temple of Amenhoteb III in Luxor

April 29, 1997

President Hosni Mubarak is scheduled to inaugurate the Temple of Amenhoteb III by the end of this month in an international celebration carried out by the Ministry of Culture. The company in charge of the project has recently accomplished the reconstruction of 22 temple pillars which have been dismantled for restoration.

The restoration process of Amenhoteb's Temple took place inside the greater Temple of Luxor where floors are rearranged and covered with the same kind of stones as the pillars.

A new lighting system will also be installed to highlight the architectural beauty of the Temple.

Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism declares: "The inauguration of the Temple of Amenhoteb III adds to the richness of Luxor's unique tourist assets. Visitors who come to our country will find out that Egypt's historical treasures are inexhaustible."

It is also scheduled that the President will inaugurate the Mummies Museum in Luxor. All those measures will definitely enhance the city of Luxor where Verdi's "Aida" will be performed next October.