Egypt: Tourist Authority - Discovery of an Old Tomb

Press Release
Egypts Minister of Tourism
Egypt Update

May 26, 1998

Discovery of a "4700 year old Tomb"

The Supreme Court for Antiquities mission working in the mountain working in the mountain area of Al-Deir El Abyad west of Sohag, has discovered a tomb carved in stone on top of the mountain. The tomb dates back to 2700 BC. It contains the body of the governor of the 9th region of upper Egypt. It also consists of a slope leading to a square shaped hall with two rooms on the side.

The grave is not decorated and contains five wooden coffins, one for the owner of the tomb, "Anny," another for a person named "Akkar," and a third belonging to a woman named "Ni Ankh," the other two tombs had no names.

The five mummies are in good shape and are still covered in their original linen clothes. Three sticks representing the "rule" and a head holder as well as five pieces of pottery and linen sheets were found in good shape.