Egypt: Tourist Authority Press Release - Extending the Validity of Facilities

Press Release

Egypts Minister of Tourism

Egypt Update

May 26, 1998

Government Extending the Validity of Facilities

A decision was made by the Egyptian government extending the validity of facilities offered to tour operators, travel agents, charter and maritime companies until the end of September 1998. The facilities are as follows:

Exemption of charter flights landing, parking and housing fees, in addition to the airnavigational aides services;

Cutting down of ground handling charges provided to charter flights landing at all Egyptian aerodromes by 50%;

Granting passengers and cruise ships the same financial privileges as the Egyptian ones. For example, a 10,000 ton registered full load tourist or passenger ship will pay $492.00 instead of $1,969.00.

Reduction of the propellers' usage fees by 50% according to the captain's demands;

Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism in Egypt, stated that this extension is a great support for Egypt's partners abroad.