Egypt: Press Release - Diving Spots Re-opened in the Red Sea

Press Release

Egypts Minister of Tourism

Egypt Update

February 10, 1999

Diving Spots Re-opened in the Red Sea

Some of the most precious diving spots in the Red Sea, previously announced as natural preserves, are now re-opened. The decision was made by the Egyptian government in response to several calls made by the tour operators and diving enthusiasts as to the unbeaten beauty and uniqueness of underwater coral reefs found in Zabarghad, Rocky, Brothers, and Abul Kizan islands of the Red Sea.

The diving fees are $5.00 per person where the following packages are provided:

Two weekly trips (each should not exceed a caravan comprising of six boats - with a total of 15 divers per boat); the duration of the first trip is seven days to the Brothers Island, while the second trip is 12 days, touring all islands.

Trips are subject to cancellations if they do not meet these requirements.

List of Islands where Diving is Banned

El Ashrafy Halayeb Shaker
Gaisoom Om El Kamar Sheawan
Ghanem Om El Khoroush Towal
Gobal Om Kaiman

List of Islands where Diving is Permitted

Abou Monkar


Sahl Hashish

Abu Roman

Om El Heran



Om Gawish



Om Saadan

Wadi El Gemal