Egyptian Tourist Authority Press Release - 6 New Tombs in Luxor

Press Release

Egypts Minister of Tourism

Egypt Update

March 8, 1999

Six New Tombs in Luxor

The restoration of six tombs in Luxor has been completed. The six newly-opened tombs date back to the 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties. Four of these tombs belong to the royal families, while the other two belong to the priests Roi and Shu Roi. According to the Supreme Council of Antiquities, there are currently 70 open tombs in Luxor, out of an approximate total of 4000 tombs in the West Bank.

The restoration work on the Temple of Seti is also completed.

Development Plans for the North Coast

Egypt's 1,200 km long coastline (extending from Rafah to El Salloum) is currently under an extensive research and assessment program. The program is designed to optimize the region's tourist and economic potential. The Ministry of Tourism presented a project to the Ministerial Committee aimed at the purpose of maximizing the utilization of the intact areas as well as adding various tourist attributes to the resorts and establishments existing between the points 21 km and 106 km of the west northern coast. Tourist facilities and services such as hotels, airports, transportation, and roads will also be highly focused upon.

Impressive Health and Service Standards

Health and service reports compiled by inspection panels comprising of tourism, environment, and transportation representatives, rated "satisfactory" for floating hotels in Egypt, as part of the action plan adopted by the Egyptian Tourism Ministry to ensure quality, environmental conservation, and ecological awareness.

Mexican Fair in Cairo

A Mexican Fair will be staged in Cairo next May as part of a cooperation agreement sealed between Egypt and Mexico a few years ago. A workshop will take place on the sidelines of the fair and will be attended by travel agents from both countries.

Rosetta: Egypt's Upcoming Travel Attraction

One of Egypt's most intact beach areas will be given a new look in a three-year period. The coastal strip lying between the fishermen's port (40 km east of Alexandria) and the history-rich town of Rosetta, has been called by a plan adopted by the Tourism Development Authority, to be divided into three centers separated by buffer zones for environmental purposes, and will be designated for golf courses, windsurfing, and other water sports.

Holy Family in Egypt

As part of Egypt's festivities at the onset of the new millennium, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism together with the Coptic churches has compiled a book retracing the route used by the Holy Family in Egypt. The book, which is already published in English and French, will be translated into six other languages.

Navigational Route to Bind Japan and Port Said

The Ministry of Transportation announced the conclusion of a contract with Japan, by virtue of which the "Port Said Containers Station" would be the center for the International Japanese naval route for distribution of containers at the Mediterranean.

Monuments on CD-ROM

The "Theban Mapping Project" is planning the registration of all Egyptian monuments on a series of CD-ROMs.

Restoration of Coptic Monuments

About 20 Coptic monuments are under current restoration. Among these monuments are the unique frescoes in the Old Church of the Monastery of Antonius in Zaafarana in the Red Sea.

Discovery of a 13th Century Mosque

Remnants of a mosque dating back to the 13th Century were discovered in northern Sinai. The mosque belonged to Sultan al Adel Zein el Din Katabgha who used the pilgrimage route to the holy places from Spain and North Africa via Cairo and Sinai.

Marriott and Mena House Oberoi Hotels Declared National Heritages

Last December 1998, a decree was passed by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to preserve the architectural and historical value of these hotels.

New Hotels and Resorts

The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo will be inaugurated in the third quarter of 1999. The luxurious hotel will be the first entry of the Four Seasons Hotels in the Middle East. Two additional properties in Egypt will be opened also in Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo in 2000 and 2001.

The first Cairo Hotel will feature 273 rooms (including 43 suites), 64 stores and a casino.

First Championship Golf Course Officially Opened in Cairo

"Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort" situated between the districts of Maadi and Heliopolis was recently opened. It boasts a community of 280 luxury villas, 27 golf holes, golf academy and tennis courts. For further information, check

Handball Championship

The '99 International Handball Championship will take place in Egypt on June 1st through the 15th. Among the participating countries are Korea, China, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Morocco. Games will be held in Cairo, Ismailiya, and Port Said.

Opera Aida

Verdi's opera Aida will be performed in Egypt (at the Giza Plateau) from October 12-17, 1999. Several tour packages are currently available.

A Magnificent Discovery at the Giza Plateau

Millions of people watched a live discovery at the Giza Plateau last week. Dr. Zahi Hawass, a top Egyptian archaeologist, revealed a dark brown wooden sarcophagus containing a dusty mummy belonging to the tomb of Kai, a high-level priest in a pharaoh's court. The tomb is situated about a half mile from the three Great Pyramids of Giza.

Dr. Hawass said an artist's signature was found in Kai's tomb, while other paintings on the walls inside the wife's tomb were the most impressive. They showed butchers bringing thighs of cows and people bringing offerings.

Discovery of the Largest Sarcophagus to Date

A 2.8 meter sarcophagus dating from the New Kingdom and located 3 km north of Dahshur Pyramid was discovered by an Egyptian-Japanese archaeological team recently. The sarcophagus belonging to Mes, a royal scribe, is significantly important as it marks the first discovery of a New Kingdom tomb in Dahshur.