Egypt : Development of Tourist Sites in Northern Sinai

Press Release

Egyptian Tourist Authority

July 28, 1999

Development of Tourist Sites in Northern Sinai

The Northern Sinai coast is among the most beautiful seashores in Egypt, characterized by a unique palm beach stretching over 200 km of white sand and clear blue water, as well as by the clean air of the world's second most unpolluted city, Al Arish. As per the latest UN environmental reports, Al Arish has earned the second place in a list of the best ecologically-preserved places worldwide. Meanwhile, Al Arish is receiving a lot of attention from the tourism sector as well as from local city authorities, due to its growing significance on the regional tourist map. More than 1/2 million tourists and summer vacationers come to Al Arish each year, while the area's potential could reach far beyond that, due to the historical value of this region. Therefore, the renovation of archaeologically-significant sites is currently underway, including the citadel of Al Farma and the Eastern church in Al Farma, which comes in conjunction with the national project of reviving the itinerary of the Holy Family in Egypt and the millennium celebrations.