Egyptian Tourist Authority Press Release - Opera Aida

Press Release

Egyptian Tourist Authority

April 19, 2000

Opera Aida

Event Information and Booking Conditions:

  • Dates:
    Thursday, 12 October 2000 Gala Opening Performance
    Friday, 13 October 2000
    Saturday, 14 October 2000
    Sunday, 15 October 2000
    Monday, 16 October 2000
    Tuesday, 17 October 2000 Gala Closing Performance

  • Place:
    At the Pyramids of Giza -- Egypt


Obtainable at the Cairo Opera House Reservation Office and also from TicketMaster in Europe, USA, and Japan (to be announced at the end of April 2000). All information and confirmations will be available from April 1st, 2000, for travel agents, tour operators, firms, chambers of commerce, institutions, embassies and individuals.

The opera sells only performance seat tickets. No other auxiliary arrangements are made throug the Cairo Opera House.

  • Prices:
    Gala Opening Performance and Gala Closing Performance

A US$250
B US$200
C US$150
D US$100

Other Performances

A US$200
B US$150
C US$100
D US$ 70

Diving Spots Reopened in the Red Sea

The following islands are now open to diving enthusiasts:

  • Brothers

  • Abu Kiran

  • Zabarghad

  • Rocky

The diving fee is $5.00 per person. There are two weekly trips, each comprising of a caravan of six boats with a maximum capacity of 15 divers each.