Egyptian Tourist Authority Press Release - Sixth Cairo International Song Festival

Press Release
Egyptian Tourist Authority

May 19, 2000

The Sixth Cairo International Song Festival
August 20-28, 2000

The Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center (CICC) is organizing the Sixth Cairo International Song Festival from August 20-28, 2000, under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Mamdough El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism.

The purpose of organizing such a festival is to promote peace, mutual understanding, and friendship among nations through music.

The festival also features one of the major events on the Tourist Agenda adopted by the Ministry of Tourism to make a tourist's stay in Egypt more enjoyable and full of entertainment. International musical bands and mega-music stars are invited to perform and visit Egypt's tourist sites.

If you are interested in adding music and fun to the glamour of Egypt in one visit, go to their website at or contact them at:

Tel: (011-202) 402-7370 or (011-202) 401-8948

Fax: (011-202) 263-4640


Tourism in Figures

About 1.5 million tourists visited Egypt from January to April 2000, an increase of 28.3% over the same period in 1999. Tourist nights totaled 9million with an increase of 17.7% over 1999. From the American market, 78,469 tourists visited Egypt, an increase of 29.4% over 1999. American tourist nights reached 49,000, an increase of 26.6%.

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