Qaitbay Medersa

Qaitbay Medersa

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The Qaitbay Medersa was founded by Sultan Qaitbay in 1475, which was one year after the construction of the mausoleum-medersa on which it was based. It is located in a square on the Shari Qal'at ek-Kabch. There are many stalactites and honeycomb decorations especially on the facade and under the balconies on the minaret. There are four iwan and a courtyard that is covered by a wooden ceiling located inside. The wood casing of the mihrab has carved polygonal stars. There are two wooden benches in front of the Yussef Bey Sabil-Kuttab, which was built in 1634, that are the favorite resting place for peddlers. This Sabil is now condemned. Opposite the sabil is the mosque that was founded by Sultan el-Malik el-Zahir Jaqmaq and is named after Lajin el-Seifi who rebuilt the mosque in 1449. Behind the mosque is a garden which is a recent addition.

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