INMO Divers Restaurant in Dahab, Egypt

INMO Divers Restaurant - B RP


INMO Divers Restaurant - B RP


Not Rated




P. O. Box 15, Dahab, Sinai, Egypt





Description and Services

The Restaurant is right on the beach, built in the same arch/dome design of the rest of the centre. It is decorated with native Bedouin handcraft. The menu offers a multiple choice of delicious Oriental and international meals and drinks. The specialty of the house are the Egyptian buffets and Egyptian drinks like Sahlab. The Egyptian kitchen serves a large choice of Vegetarian dishes. There is a good variety of fresh juices, Oriental and non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant staff serves all drinks, sandwiches and lunch on the beach. Open buffet breakfast and dinners are offered around the swimming pool or at the beach.. Located in the INMO Divers' Home.

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Last Updated: May 18th, 2011