Ancient Saqqara/Memphis was a vast necropolis stretching some thirty miles along the Nile. The area experienced continual building for many centuries which merits it being a wonderful respresentation of architecture and art for most of the Dynasties. During the 3rd Dynasty one of the grandest and most beautiful of the stone buildings was constructed. The Pyramid Complex of Djoser, built by the famous Imhotep, is an architectural achievement. Without the legacy of centuries of stone work, the complex remains a wonder.

The Alabaster Sphinx
The Enclosure Wall
The Pyramids of Abu Sir
The Pyramid Complex of Djoser
The Step Pyramid of Djoser
The Pyramid of Unas
The Tomb of Queen Nebet
The Causeway
The Monastery of St. Jeremiah
The Tomb of Ti
The Pyramid of Teti
The Tomb of Ankh-mahor
The Tomb of Ptah-hotep
The Tomb of Mereruka
The Tomb of Kagemni
The Pyramid of Sekhemkhet
The Tomb of Princess Idut
The Serapeum
The Persian Shafts
The Early Kingdom Mastabas
South Saqqara
The Pyramids of Dhasur
The Maidum Pyramid
Sun Temple of Abu Ghurab
The Colossus of Ramesses

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