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Sinai Dive Club -B D W E


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When the sun shines by the gulf of Aguaba, where nature systems blend together into a perfect and stunningly unique harmony, on a breath taking lagoon, 100 Km from Sharm El-Sheikh, lie the palms and Bedouin encampments of Dahab.

Sinai Dive Club provides a dazzling workshop for divers at all levels. Complete facilities and services under skilled professional management of the highest international standards.

Daily Diving Trips: Dive the most exotic dive sites in the Red Sea, Blue Hole, Bells, Canyon, Little Canyon, EelGarden, Lighthouse, Islands, Secrets of Dahab, South Oasis, Caves and Kabr Al Bonaiah.

Comprehensive Scuba Courses: SDC - is one of the largest PADI dive schools, 2 classrooms, A/V teaching aids, Private calm Lagoon, top of the line equipment and multilingual courses of all levels. SDC school also provides CMAS-PDIC-VDST qualifications.

Diving and Desert safari... an alternative to the 5 star experience is the million star experience... SDC - Dahab organizes "Jeep Safaris" to Ras Mamlakh and Ras Tantour...Guided by local Bedouins, the ship of the desert takes you where no jeep or boat could ever reach, only camels. Join our regular trips by car or boat to "Ras Mohamed" or dive the "Straits of Tiran" on board, our five star daily and safari boats.

For none Divers, families and friends, you can join SDC daily snorkeling trips with the divers. Baby sitting is available at the diving center. An "Intro Dive" to discover Scuba, accompanied by a diving instructor will give you the first taste... Anyone can do it.

Accommodations ranges from luxurious rooms at Novotel Village, which is marked by the red arrow on the picture, to inexpensive Bedouin Camps in Assala. DAHAB the place that lives, breath, pulsates the non stop message of sun, and surprise, will help divers to seek all types of happy stay. It is just a gateway, beyond it lies all the splendor and beauty of the entire nature of Sinai mountains and Coral Reefs. Like all who come to the Red Sea, they are caught up in a spill of romance cast by the warm golden sun and crystal blue waters.

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Last Updated: June 1st, 2011