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Here, we will be reporting on news related to the upcoming African Cup 2006 to be held in Egypt.

African Cup 2006 January 28th, 2006

Egypt beats Ivory Coast 3-1

Egypt qualified to the second round as the head of group A after they beat Ivory Coast 3-1. The goals were scored by Emad Metab (2 goals) and Abu Treika. Arona Cone was able to score the only goal for Ivory Coast. Hossam Hassan played in the game and assisted two goals. By the way, Hossam Hassan first played in the African Cup 1986, twenty years ago. In the other match of the group, Morocco had a draw with Libya and both teams left the tournament.

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Will the Pharaohs pass with the Elephants to the second round today?

Today the two final matches of the first group will be played. Morocco will be playing against Libya and they must win with three goals are more and wait for the result of the second match between Egypt and Ivory Coast. Egypt will pass to the second round with a draw or a win or even if they lose and have more goals than Morocco. The problem is both teams would like to qualify as the head of the group to avoid meeting Cameroon in the second round. What will happen today?? Lets wait and see!

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A special camera for Samuel Eto

The directors of the TV coverage of Egypt 2006 will have a camera for Samuel Eto alone to record his magnificent performance. This besides his reactions and the way he deals with people. Honestly, he deserves it

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Nigeria wins 3 points from Zimbabwe

The Nigerian team was able to play only for 15 minutes in the second half to score two goals. After a very weak first time, Kanu played and this was the major event in the game. Nigeria was able to score two goals by Christian Obodo and rising star John Obi Mikel in the beginning of the second match. The last match between Nigeria and Senegal will be a real challenge for the two teams.

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Ghana beats Senegal

The team of Ghana was able to show his real color yesterday and was able to win against Senegal 1-0. Matthew Amoah scored the only goal of the game with a spectacular shot from a hard angel. Ghana was able to win their first three points and the games between them and Zimbabwe, and the other game between Senegal and Nigeria will be very strong to decide the teams advancing to the second round.

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Tunisia passes to the second round

Tunisia was able to beat South Africa 2-0 in a very rainy weather yesterday in Alexandria. Santos was able to score the first goal in the minute 32 of the first half while Selim Ben Ashour was able to score the second goal in the minute 13 of the second half. Tunisia will qualify with Guinea to the second round from this group while Zambia and South Africa will take their bags and leave after the last game of the first round.

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Guinea reaches the second round after winning Zambia

The game started with a huge attacking process from Zambia and they played their best half time till now in Egypt 2006. Zambia was able to score in the minute 32 by Igatana and they ended the half time winning.
In the second half time, Guinea played another game and was able to equalize in the minute 29 Pascal Faindono with a penalty kick. And, in the minute 46 from the second half, the same player added the second goal for Guinea from a wonderful strike and he assured a place for Guinea in the second round with this goal

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Cameroon reaches the second round, and Congo will probably follow up

Cameroon was able to win their second game yesterday against Togo 2-0. The magician, Samuel Eto, was able to score the first goal with a wonderful powerful strike that is considered the most beautiful goal in the tournament till now. Eto even shined more and gave the chance to his fellow Robert who scored the second goal. With this win, Cameroon secured a position in the quarter final.

In the second match Dr Congo was able to secure a draw when they played more than 60 minutes with only ten players. This was when the referee sent out Tresor Mputu. With this draw, Congo has a very big chance of reaching the second round with Cameroon.

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Egypt and Morocco, the first draw in Egypt 2006

In a much closed game, with the two teams frightened from each others, Egypt and Morocco ended their game with a draw. The second half was better than the first when the Egyptian coach, Hassan Shehata, made some attacking substitutes and let Abu Treika and Meteb play together instead of Ahmed Hassan and Mido which was not in his best days. The two goal keepers, especially Esam El Hadry the Egyptian goal keeper, played a spectacular game and were able to defend their goals bravely. The result of the game gave Egypt a big advantage over Morocco to go to the second round because Egypt now has four points while Morocco only has one point.

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Ivory Coast wins Libya 2-1

Ivory Coast is the first team to reach the second stage after beating Libya yesterday 2-1. Although, it is now sure that Libya will leave the tournament after the first round, their team played a very good game and all the Egyptians in the stadium were encouraging them. Drogba and Yaya Toure were able to score for Ivory Coast and the Libyan goal keeper hand a big hand in both goals. While the only goal Libya scored was by Khamis before the end of the first half time

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