Alexandria News

Alexandria News

News: 28 Feb 2011

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About Alexandria:

Alexandria, the coastal gem of Egypt, is located on the Mediterranean coast, about 220 kilometers from Cairo, and is second only to the capital in size. This beautiful city is rich in history, as it has been a major seaport since ancient times, with the ancient Egyptians trading with Greeks and Romans from this very convenient point. Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great, was the capital of Egypt for nearly one thousand years, and saw the rule of the Ptolemies, including the most famous Ptolemy of all, Cleopatra. Some of the most famous structures have also been located in Alexandria, such as the Pharos lighthouse, which fell to ruins after an earthquake in the 14th century destroyed it, as well as the ancient Library of Alexandria, the largest ancient library in the world, which was also destroyed by several fires, and the catacombs of Kom El-Shuqaffa. Alexandria's many sites detail its significance throughout history, and is definitely a must-see on any trip to Egypt.

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