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"The land of Turquoise" is rich in natural scenery of extraordinary beauty.

High mountains in the south and wild forests of palm trees along the coast in the north.

St.Catherine Monastery gives a predominant aspect of a fortress with its thick walls and several fine constructions belonging to different ages.

Sharm El Sheikh is an International winter and summer resort, and is particularly popular with underwater fishing and diving fans.

Dahab is one of the most fascination oasis in Sinai.

Newabaa, a fine sand beach where palm tress are scattered about to give the place a unique nature.

Taba, overlooks the gulf of Aqaba, with its quiet sea resort great natural beauty.


Egypt's Capital, with its one thousand minarets, picturesque oriental bazaars, Nile side hotels, and:

The Egyptian Museum which includes and extensive collection of statues, papyrus, furniture, and jewelry representing various dynasties and kingdoms of Ancient Egypt.

Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Memphis and Sakkara, the first capital of Egypt.

The Citadel with its panoramic view of Cairo, beautiful mosques, and Khan El Khalili Bazaars.

Islamic Museum .

Coptic Museum.