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Condor Tours would like to welcome you and your guests to the unforgettable country of Egypt. Egypt is the land of physical beauty and variety, unparalleled in the world of desert landscapes, peaceful farms, towering buildings, eternal monuments and relaxing beaches. A land whose builders reached the skies and built citadels of worship where monotheism has flourished since the time of Akhnaton. History tells us that the ancient Egyptian civilization from the 50th century B.C. began to involve an artistic style depicted in architecture, sculpture, engraving and painting. The visitor can discover this for himself all over Egypt.

Cairo, the starting point of all sightseeing in Egypt, has been blessed with a good portion of these antiquities. The most famous of which are the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and Ramses II 's Statue. Also known as the " The city of thousand minarets" Cairo abounds in all that represents Islamic architecture, mosques, schools, hotels, palaces, public baths, caravanserais, forts and walls...all of which have their place in the capital of Arabism and Islam as testimony of its great prestige and ancient glory. Khan Al Khalili dating back to the end of the 14th century A.D., is one of the greatest oriental bazaars in the world. The Khan Al Khalili shops display a wonderful collection of the brassware, rich textiles and other attractive oriental products. Most of ancient churches are located in the district of " Old Cairo " above the ruins of the Roman Fortress of " Babylon".

Alexandria 225 kilometers, from Cairo is like a jewel spread along the Mediterranean coast. It is Egypt's principal port and second city. It was named after Alexander the Great, who ordered the foundation of the city 332 B.C. on the site of a small village called Rakoda, in order to connect Egypt with his fatherland Greece by sea. Some of the major historical sites are the Greco Romano Museum, Kom El Shokafa Catacombs, Pompes Pillars and Qayetbey Citadel

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