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You would be absolutely crazy to plan a trip to Egypt without the assistance of a well established experienced reliable ground operator. Do not try to create an incentive Program without one. A good operator can save you endless time and trouble and help insure the smooth operation of your program. In the long run will save you money So says ASTA Travel News May 1985 issue.

The Fayed Brothers

At the base of the Mighty Plateau of Giza Sits the Great Sphinx Guardian of the Mysteries of the Pyramids. Its Wide Eyes have Witnessed the drama and Pageantry of centuries. What the Gurdian Kniws, the ancient Gods have forbidden it to tell. Yet, a family exists in Giza which Knows Many of Egypts Secrets for they have Guarded Sphinx itself for over 200 Years. They Actually live at the foot of the Sphinx

When Archeologists began Probing the Sands of Giza two centuries Ago, they found Ibrahim Fayed Waiting for them in front of the Sphinx and they Made him their Guide, Thus began a tradition.

the Tradition is Alive today the Great- Great Great Grandsons are currently Guardians of the ancient Secrets, Make the Journey to Egypt with one who can Bridge the Past, one who will Act as your Guardian as did Kissinger and other High government officials, Plus Sinatra, Shirley Maclaine, Elizabeth Taylor and Leo Buscaglia to name a few.

planning Egypt Amongst other tourist Activities, the Fayed Brothers run a travel agency Since 1954 inside, you will Find Several Classical Package tours Covering Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel with or without Nile Cruises, not less than 160 Ships Cruise the Nile from Aswan to Luxor or Abydos, from/to Cairo. We can plan on any 4- 5 Star Ships Cruising the Nile such as the Sheraton - Hilton- Presidential-Oberoietc also proposed an Egypt in depth 16 Day itinerary for the ones really interested in Egyptian Archaeology. Beside: Extension Programs to : St. Catherine Monastery ( Mount Sinai ) Hurghada (Red Sea Winter and summer Resort). Alexandria (summer resort) following 12 suggested Package tours which can be modified as per your requirements