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Description and Services

We, at Harmony Travel, aim to deliver a higher value added service to our guests. Focusing on the average leisure and business travelers, we cascade all means of comfort and enjoyment to secure an enjoyable and unforgettable journey.

The richness of our country, Egypt, in tourist attractions, ranging form historical monuments to modern luxury facilities, requires experience and talent to package in attractive, convenient and affordable programs.

Founded in 1987, Harmony Travel was conceived with customer orientation in mind.

Capitalizing on a long business experience in the tourism and travel industry, we can match the Needs of the most demanding traveler through a clear understanding of the prerequisites and requirements of a successful leisure or business trip.

Establishing a wide network of partners and business affiliates within Egypt, empowers us to offer the most comprehensive suite of programs and itineraries.

Considering a luxury Nile Cruise with breathtaking sites; a complete introduction to the treasures of ancient Egypt; or a wild safari travel through the desert, we can cater for all the needs and wishes of our guests

We, in Harmony Travel, have cascaded all the resources needed to deliver a successful service to our guests:

Proficient multilingual staff and tour operators chosen carefully to reflect our customer orientation approach.

A large team of expert multilingual guides to help our guests uncover the glory and beauty of our ancient land.

A fleet of fully equipped buses.

Year round full allotments in luxury cruises and hotels in Cairo, upper Egypt and the Red Sea resorts.

We have developed our programs with diversity in mind.

Egypt offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for the traveler seeking:

Sun, Fun, Culture, Relaxation, and more